Friday, April 30, 2010

Lara Cameron

Great day to start with... happy to be home today with textile designer Lara Cameron, I  love the beautiful hand screen printed fabric she designs. I hope you enjoy Lara's cosy home. Thanks Lara for sharing the pictures... You could see more of her home here.

 Love the way the fabric is arranged on the sofa back, gives a great inspiration to make a colorful sofa back...

Hope you enjoyed peeking into this cosy home..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lillian Day

Today I feel so good to be at home with Lillian Day, form Vienna, Austria. She has such a fresh and lovely home. She also has a wonderful garden that gives her home the icing on the cake. She has wonderful pictures of her home and daily life on flickr, You could see more of her cozy home here

what a green entry!!

Love the way flowers are used in the house.. they give so much sense to the decor!!

Thanks Lillian for sharing this wonderful home.... I gained a lot of inspiration from this simple yet elegant home , I am sure lot of others will do too...

Great Home furnishings from aalamwaar!

aalamwar   has great home furnishings. They have these beautiful hand painted pillows, the art is called  kalamkari,  its an art from a village called Srikalahasti in South India, The intricate work of the artizans is commendable.... They have stores both in U.S and India.. have a look...

Are they not lovely?

They also have garments collection, with hand painted tunics,jackets...equally great!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The In Budget crewel rugs from Kashmir

My ebay India finds... who does not know of Kashmir crewel.. I love them.. I am sure lot many of you do too..

You could shop these rugs and much more crewel stuff here

Me.....(My Ex-apartment)

You could see more pictures here

I have moved into new place, I am still setting up the place... would be posting the new place pictures soon..

I would love to receive entries of your homes..... and to be with you at home!!

Sarita Handa Quilts

Sarita Handa , a factory set up in Haryana, India... produces amazing bedding, quilts and textiles...quilt designer Denyse Schmidt has also designed for Sarita Handa
The Bedding,

The Quilts

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

country style interiors

That is such a lovely place to relax!

I am not a fan of total modern interiors, I like a mix of modern and country or traditional styles... that makes me feel like a cozy place to live in.

All Images: old house interiors 

For the love of suzani..

These beautiful suzani upholstered furniture by material recovery on etsy...... so bold and beautiful

my search for  suzani  is ever on... so if any of you have images to post on suzani.... please do send it to me.

If You are a lover of art, this is just the thing...

I came across this site called artyrios  long back, they have a good collection of art, but what really captured me here was the bead art by an artist called Kaamar Thiya, Have a look,

Isn't that mind blowing?

My move to blogging begins...........

The first post begins with one of my favorite forms of art block printing ,

Galbraith and Paul, Create great hand printed textiles and lighting,rugs ... they have an amazing collection... the site also shows the process  of how they do it... worth a look!
Here are some of the images

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