Saturday, March 05, 2011

DIY: decoupage tin box!

Hello! it feels great to be back writing agian on a Sunday. I just thought why not begin the re-writing phase with a tutorial. It is a simple decoupage project which gives a trendy mappy look to a tin can box... to store knick knacks... so here we go..
You will need:
  1. tin can box
  2. modge podge(I used white glue,but modge podge is better )
  3. old map sheets
  4. scissors or paper cutter
  5. tissues
  6. pair of hands ready to get messy and gluey:-)

We start with the lid of the box. I have used detailed pictures because the corners of the lid is the only tricky part here.If you simply start glueing them they give crooked folds at the corners I found this method easy to get a neat rounded corners... may be there are better ways to do it ... Firstly measure up the sides of the lid(above).

Cut 4 strips for four corners of any length and the width being the measurement taken above.

Glue the sides of the lid and start pasting the 4 strips to all four corners.

Now simple take another piece of the paper and paste and place one corner of the box on it and trace the curved corner,shown above. Cut it along the drawn curve

You can see above..I have randomly taken a strip of paper and cut it along the curve.Like in the picture above match the curved corners of the paper and box and stick it.

Once stuck.,add whole lot of glue on the paper and spread evenly(you have to do the same to the side strips as well)when you coat the paper with glue the corners blend them together with your hands so that no gap is seen.. but make sure its done before its dry .

continue pasting strips of paper till all of the lid is covered.

Once the lid is done.Put the lid back on the box and draw a line to mark the area that is used up by the lid. This area is to be left empty ,otherwise the lid will not close.

Tape up the area above the line as you don't want it to have glue all round. Now measure the area from the line to the lower edge of the box and cut a long strip or different strips and paste it on to the box and coat it all over with glue... there it is all done!


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